Watchers, Imposters, and Authors teaser

by Demo Disease

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Somewhere in lands afar, it's the exact same town as it's always been. "Escape" whispers to the face of two deluded characters. Escape? What could that mean to them? No one ever leaves this cult-knight fundamentalist town. Even the sane ones don't know whether they're sane anymore. With no one left to turn to but their own music, "The Watcher" and "The Lead" take the center stage back to the town where it all began

It's time to restart from the beginning. To 1985.


I had to post a track to go with the bandcamp, so here it is, the preview to the wonderful (and terrible) story that's still set to come out this year! I also graced you guys with a bit of demo's - Mostly just to give a taste of what's coming lyric wise. The current demo's were all recorded via Skype.

This is a page where I'll generally be able to update what's going on with the album, credits, and other stuff. I'm hoping to get some sort of preview each week that I can. It's a long process, but I do hope that any interested don't leave!

For any questions contact or just use the email function we have ready at

Watchers, Imposters, and Authors will have a release later this here. Thank you for joining this wild ride.

Info thus far,
#1 -


released June 20, 2015

band work,
Lucas Guimaraes: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Ocarina, Mandolin, Piano etc/tba
Billy Starks: Bass, Trumpet, Vocals etc/tba
narration credits out to, (twitter handles attached)
Mao (@Maolfunction)
K (@DivineKingK)
Matt Hahn (@Scoliosis_Jones)
Rallex (@RallexRingtail)
Axelayer (@Axelayer)
Justin Middleton (@Dysosmia)
Croph (no twitter handle)
Jaleel Turner (@JaRoc_17)
FireFlinger (@RenchonFire)
Jacob Diaz (@xKumaOsox)
Red Ryu (@SmashRedRyu)
Courtney Svatek (@altermentality)
Omar Sheikh (@Omar Zeldaru)
Lamar (@LamartheFrog)
Christopher Bowdich (@mocken999)
Redbomber (@Redbomber64)
Sean Hanson (@SeanHanson94)

(with 5 others yet to be announced)

art credits,
CulpeoFox (
ArtsyOmni (@artsyomni)
Altermentality (@altermentality)

Liner Note Credits,



all rights reserved


Demo Disease Seattle, Washington

Jazz/Folk story albums from Lucas Guimaraes and Billy Starks - Two best friends who are also musicians that have known each other for 8+ years and make music off of harsh realizations, nerdcore, and whatever else they feel like doing.

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Track Name: Liner Notes [Demo]
lyrics: THEY SAID that misery can’t be summarized in a single sentence. Instead of venting and speaking over others, the man took a stance with listening instead. Taking out his notebook, he wrote all the blank pages in with the dialogue of the stories of those around him. He tried anything to preserve and convey the original raw emotion displayed by these individuals. Years on he kept writing the stories, unknown to them, leaving out anything that would infringe specifically on their privacy. One common thread was found in all of these short excerpts: they all resulted in loveless people. He took these liner notes and made them out to the public.

This is that notebook.
Track Name: Stationary Closing Assistants [Demo]
Sometimes we all just want to see an end, even with none in sight
Kind-of like how fiction wraps it all up
We get caught in that lie,
Unlike all that fiction
We refuse to realize the truth
This apartment is burning down right now
No one around was really surprised,
To those that visited, they thought we kept excellent care
But those that lived around knew the true travesties we hid behind
The rambling from overdue rent,
To our backs from the whips we cracked

I don't care to argue who burned the apartment,
While the six of us are alive, the tenant and the landlord are dead
I heard them scream aloud and fight in the night
Yet you came by in the day

Between all the stuff that sparked,
I never thought about how it'd end

After boiling the birds
The two of us
Found a new place, prepared to settle down
Searching for ways to relocate
We grabbed supplies from the general stores
Until they all closed up shop
On the way back, we ran out of fuel
We had to throw our new beds out
To push our car up to the hill
It was the only gas station nearby
In this sketchy part of town
As you went inside
I hit some small talk with a graveyard attendant
She tried to pitch me used condoms and corks
You came back
She glared at you right in the eye,
while I looked up to the see midnight sky
On sudden surprise She asked,
How much are you worth?
Track Name: Loneliness March [Demo]
We all got together to tell the story,
Of a fallen identity and a sunken ship

They've been down here with no worries,
Even after the tragedies
Deep inside
One wants isolation
While the others beg for comfort
He's up at the top now, watching him drifting
He's lost his speech, and his will to speak

It may be the lion's den but
They sure don't know where they've been

The drafts
They lay here on the floor
Most of them being plain
Among them, a flavored one can be found
"I'll watch em all hang
From brass to Wind
From Percussion to String
Each and All of them
Hanged high on a noose
Starting with you"

This ship is sinking
Why save it when they can't save themselves?

The ones who've been here since it all begun
They've a confession to make as they shout
"We only stayed around for pitty
Now we await
For this trio to drown in their own regret"

"I want to be fixed
For that there's no steeple"

On the last night
They drank and ran until the dawn came,
Through all three floors
They called up all their dead friends
And told them what they truly think
To numbers that wouldn't answer
Ringed up their bosses
Torched them all up
No job once they sobered up
It's how they tell the truth
While the two were sleeping,
He wrote his final letter,
Placed it on the front door
Broke all the lights,
Driving far away
With a bunch of their possesions
In the car
He woke the whole town up
As they gathered the mob
He burned their guitar
Underneath his legs
He watched afar
The whole town ablaze
He got drugged, got a lot stronger
To get back at Stepfather

Where's the line between family and not?
He used to call him Father, but now we call him Bastard

There's an infamous march
Down on the avenue
It goes like
Eh nevermind

The Lead wakes up,
reads the letter at the door step
"I'm leaving
Don't worry about needing me around
Don't worry about me
Even I'm not concered about me
I'll support from afar,
I guess I'll find my way back home
You'll be better off without me"
He walks away from the scene as he just committed an unspeakable crime
All that can be heard
"Oh please come back"